In these tough times it is more important than ever to make sure that when you invest in your organisation, you achieve a real return on that investment. Choosing Momentum will ensure that this is achieved.  Your Success is our Passion!

We can help you successfully intergrate and develop employee skills at all levels.  This will create the culture you need to achieve the Vision your organisation is striving for.

We will give you the expertise and tools to transform your organisation creating the culture you need to achieve the Vision you are striving for.

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Momentum helped us to create the right organisational culture for the future...
Head of Organisational Development, Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust 2014.


Our Products and Services have been developed following research across the Public and Private sector.

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About Us

Momentum TMC Ltd is an innovative organisation based in the West Of Scotland.  We deliver our services to organisations throughout the UK.

Our success comes from having the right people working with us.

Our experienced Consultants have a range of Professional Training and Management qualifications along with practical on the job experience within the Private and Public sectors.

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Our Directors

        Elaine              Debbie


Debbie and Elaine founded Momentum in 2008 and since then have been transforming organisations across the country.  They combine hard-work, creativity and a real passion for making a difference! With over 36 year’s combined experience in both Learning and Development and Management, they have the right solutions which can be adapted for you and your business

Debbie Niven (MBA, Associate CIPD)

Debbie loves films, the Oscars, overseas holidays and good restaurants.  You can find out more about Debbie’s career by visiting her LinkedIN page.

Elaine Pritchard – (Associate CIPD)

Elaine loves running, networking, family holidays and reality TV.  You can find out more about Elaine by visiting her LinkedIN page 



Momentum helped us to create the right organisational culture for the future...

Debbie and Elaine at Momentum have made a real contribution to the culture creation programme of work at the trust.  Much of the work that they have delivered has transformed the trust’s approach to a variety of work streams; onboarding and induction, learning and development, management and leadership capability, coaching and facilitation. They immediately grasped the trust’s intended vision, which actually chimed very closely with their values and approach to change, designing and delivering some real and meaningful learning interventions for staff and managers in response to this. We can really see the behavioural changes emerging and embedding across the organisation with staff and managers reporting that they feel more supported in this current challenging NHS context – our appraisal and performance review participation rates have never been so high! I believe that this has been a mutually beneficial and successful partnership. Thank you.

Head of Organisational Development
Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust 2014